Posted by: Justine | September 25, 2010

Reality is What You Choose: Inception and Internet Addiction

Have you ever had a dream that felt so real? I have many times before with each resulting in me either grasping for breath because of something terrible or just plain disappointed because the dream was not real.

I certainly would want to wake up if I dream about this.

Inception is a movie whose premise is that there are people in this world who can enter other people’s dreams and extract information from them that are hidden in their subconscious. The title Inception came from a concept in the movie wherein “Inception” is the planting of an idea inside a person’s subconscious without them realizing it. Ideas in the movie are likened to a virus easily spread and resilient. Inception is said to be impossible, but it is up to Leonardo DiCarpio’s character to prove that Inception can be done in order for him to go back to his family (or rather what’s left of it).

My friend will be convicted of pedophilia if Inception is real.

The wife of Leonardo’s character, Molly, was too caught up in a dream that she and Cobb (Leonardo’s character) had. She started to believe that it was the real world and so when she was in the real world that she tough was a dream, she jumped off a building trying to wake up. Of course, she died. Her addiction to the world that she considers important and real made her life out of control.

This is like internet addiction. Some people just can’t get enough of their activities online that it causes trouble in their real lives. People addicted to the internet exhibit compulsive behavior like gambling and shopping online. Some little more benign examples are reading and playing computer games which interfere with normal life.

I admit that I compulsively read online articles until about 2 in the morning, interfering with my sleep. Sometimes I just can’t sleep without reading the latest news or the latest article. And I also check Facebook on my cellphone every 15 minutes or so. I just can’t stop. I think I have a small problem but I don’t think that I’m really addicted. These are just habits. Maybe I’ll try 5 days without Facebook. I think I can.

Nah, I can’t.



  1. This is what we do to escape the reality, right. If we don’t wanna do our thesis, study for an exam or report. Some use it beyond de-stressing. Too bad for them. I know none of us will be trapped by the internet.

  2. There could be good and bad addiction. There’s always an idea that the definition or the perspective depends on you. Exactly your title. Reality is what you make it. Always your choice whether to accept things as it is or go on a rage if you don’t get what you want. And with online distractions… well, let’s just say they are only bad in my eyes if they do something illegal. But if it’s my choice to be distracted, no need to be guilty right? Right. 😀

  3. “Reality is What You Choose”

    What probably got Molly hooked to the dream world, and probably gets us hooked to the net, is the perception of control.

    Let’s face it, the Internet is practically a giant sandbox. This allows us to create and destroy with practical ease. Unlike in the real world, this power of control in the online world is what keeps us from reality.

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