Posted by: Justine | September 25, 2010

One Hundred Forty Characters Or Less is More?

Fail whale incoming.

And so one day, my friend suggested that I make a Twitter account. I was pretty much open to the idea because I always wanted to try Twitter out but I haven’t had the time. So she tried to register me but lo and behold, I was already registered by the name of byronichero. I suddenly remembered that I already registered a few months back and just promptly forgot about it. After figuring out what my password was, it was time for a name change. We considered many names until I came up with a clever name, devilindisguise. It is an anagram of my last name (Vendil) incorporated into a phrase, devil in disguise. I am by no means a devil but I just stuck with the name.

The first thing that I did, by the suggestion of my friend, is to connect it to Facebook. That move makes perfect sense, I am not likely to post the same thing on two different websites manually. I’d rather post it on one site with it showing on both sites. An advantage of using the Twitter app on Facebook is that my status message won’t be replaced this little thing means something to me because I want certain statuses of mind to stay for a long time while I still post stuff.

Tweeting stuff.

And so I posted my first tweet. It made me smile because people immediately followed. I think 13 followers on the first day wasn’t that bad, especially some only a few of my acquaintances have Twitter accounts. The next thing I did was follow people and news river. Getting news is part of my agenda in using Twitter. The next thing I did was post random stuff at random times, a thing that I’m still doing now.

Twitter and Facebook: Mano y mano.

So it’s time for the tough questions. Do I prefer it over Facebook? No. I still have more contacts on Facebook than on Twitter. More people to connect with.

Is it better to use? No. I feel constricted by the by the 140 character limit. Maybe I’m not just well versed in Twittering.

What do I use it for the most? The news. And quasi-stalking.

Do I have what it takes to join the Twitterati elite? No. I just can’t post inane tweets all day.

Is it fun to use? Yes. Most of the time.

Will I replace Facebook with Twitter just like I replaced Friends with Facebook? Hahaha. No. Not anytime soon. Maybe when it’s more widely adopted.

I’m just new to Twitter. We’re just in the getting to know stage. Maybe I’ll come to love it. Or maybe I’ll hate it. Either way, I’ll still tweet and share my thoughts to anyone who would give a damn.

Shameless plug: follow me on Twitter!



  1. One reason why I still don’t have a twitter account is that because I feel like I am not worth following (emo? nah), which was also the reason why I left Plurk. I became tired of some of my friends telling everyone about how cute their dog is, or how dirty her nails are. But since you yourself say that it isn’t bad at all (and I know you for being a hardcore critic), I might just try it, get some news, updates about you guys, and follow my ultimate crush Chris Tiu. Haha 🙂

  2. You just did join and followed Chris, KC! And Riki Flores, too! 😀

    Good decision on creating a twitter account. Maybe it isn’t as enormous or enjoyable as Facebook (since you only have a few followers HAHA), but when you look at it, Twitter and Facebook have different purposes. Facebook is multi-leveled, while Twitter is more of the ‘instant’ update. And maximizing your skills as a writer and still sharing your ideas in less than 140 characters. It’s a skill too. Not to mention *cough* stalking. 😉

  3. Well, I think we have to start getting used to Twitter. First, it’ll exercise us to try to say as much with the least number of words. Second, Twitter is now no longer used by just individuals. Even brands and corporations have their own accounts. When we soon find ourselves in the corporate world, we ought to already be adept at using services such as Twitter. If not, we’ll get left behind.

    That being said, I think it’s now time I get my own Twitter account. Haha.

  4. Twitter fan here! 🙂
    But like you, I’m not about to turn my back on Facebook. Facebook is still more fun for me because it doesn’t have a character limit, I have more contacts there, and there are more things to do over there.
    I use Twitter to follow news sites, a few celebrities and of course, people I know. It gets fun when you get the hang of it. See you in the Twitterverse! 🙂

  5. I think one of the reasons you are having a hard time with twitter is because you are a writer. An eloquent one at that. I suppose you are used to wide open spaces when writing and a 140 restriction is too little.

    Sometimes I do think that the stuff that you put on twitter are the stuff that just pops into your mind, ergo, quick updates. They don’t really require much thinking, just say anything. That’s what I think anyway. 😀

  6. I used to know jack-shit about twitter. Haha. But after getting to know a little more about it, I discovered that it was my kind of communication style; short and simple.

    I guess the appeal of twitter comes from the fact that the news feeds come in relatively quickly. In contrast to site/facebook status updates of people or organizations you are follwing.

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