Posted by: Justine | September 25, 2010

I Posted This From My Cellphone

Why no funny images?

Because I posted this blog on my phone. I’m writing this on my phone right now.

I’ve been there since the start when cellphones first have wap. Back then, it was pretty amazing that you can view black and white pixelated versions of Yahoo! and Google. It can’t even load images properly. Wap connections were mostly used in checking emails and nothing much.

Then the first generation of colored screen cellphones came. Mobile internet still relied on wap but you can now recognize the websites (barely) because everything was in color and images really show now.

Then, video-enabled camera phones came into the market. This added a new dimension into the mobile internet experience: video streaming. It was pretty much slow but to stream videos into your cellphone and pretend that you’re watching television on it is euphoric.

3G came and mobile internet was faster than ever. I can now download a game without waiting for 30 minutes by the window sill in the back of our kitchen! It seriously made a step forward in showing that cellphones can really be used to surf the net; unlike before when the steps for inexperienced people in using mobile internet were try, be excited, be bored, be frustrated, and never touch again.

4G has arrived in other countries so they now experience super fast mobile internet connections. 4G is here too, but it is limited to wireless internet for computers.

Do you know what I like most about using mobile internet? It’s FREE!!! (For me but I can also make yours free if you want me to.)I’ve been browsing free and on the go since last year. I would be charged thousands of pesos if I’m on a post-paid plan. It’s a good thing I know a little about hacking. 😉

All in all, the mobile internet experience is a satisfying one. More and more websites like Facebook and Twitter have mobile versions of their sites. Good people like the people of Opera (the browser I’m using) are making the mobile internet experience easier and more accessible to many.

I gotta go now but before I go always remember:
I’m mobile. Always.



  1. I am also more inclined to use mobile internet now for checking e-mails and social networking sites, but I never tried posting a blog from my phone – I think I’ll do now that required blogging is over. 🙂 I agree, mobile Interne t is a satisfying experience because you can access your preferred sites at any time you want. The most useful mobile site for me, however, is Google Maps, because I always wander at the streets of MManila. 🙂

    Can you share your secret on how to surf for free, because I don’t have WiFi too, so surfing eats up my load. :/

  2. Yeah, I figured you were very attached to your cellphone because of the advantages you’ve installed into that. For one thing, since you don’t have a laptop, you’re cellphone becomes exactly that. Like this. You actually posted a blog from your freaking phone. *envy*

    I’ll stick to surfing Facebook and Twitter on my cellphone, though. Time will come when I get a touch screen phone with Wi-fi connectivity. And then I’ll try to post a blog from it. 😛 Efficiency at its best.

  3. Free?! I want! 😀
    Anyway, I also use my cellphone to go online. Not for blogging though. (Now that I think about it, I should’ve tried that) Most of the time it’s just to tweet or check my email. Oh, also when I’m bored.
    I love how websites now have mobile versions. That means it’s gonna be easier to navigate and they won’t look weird on my screen. 🙂

  4. Yes, Mina spends loads of money surfing the net on her phone. She realizes this, but she still does it anyway. :))

    Before, I’ve also tried surfing the net through mobile, or at least, I had to make do with it because it was the dark ages (no dsl yet!). It was pretty convenient, and it hurt my eyes a lot less than computers do. Still, I still prefer the real net versions of websites rather than the mobile versions. There’s just something missing.

  5. Okay, before saying anything, I would just like to say that I’m all for technological progress.

    However, there are somethings that I believe should just be left alone. I’ve tried using the wifi feature on my phone once, and I didn’t enjoy it. Although I find that feature nifty, I find the difference in ease of usage (compared to a desktop or laptop) quite frustrating.

    I’m looking forward to advances in this department that will make the technology more user-friendly.

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