Posted by: Justine | September 24, 2010

Matters Of Memetic Proportions

Lol cats. The Star Wars kid. Charlie bit my finger. All your base are belong to us.

I know you have heard of these things before. Maybe you are amused by them or maybe sick of them. They are what you call Internet memes.

It's all about sharing.

The Internet meme is a concept that spreads rapidly via the Internet. It is the spreading of a digital file or a hyperlink from one person to other people using

Internet tools such as blogs, email, social networking sites, instant messaging, forums, and others. They are mostly madeup of jokes, a rumor, a photoshopped or quirky unedited image, a website, a video clip or animation, a weird story and many more that may interest a certain number of people.

An Internet meme can be considered an inside joke that a huge number of people are in on. Who among you know Mamzar the great and his kill now ask later policy? No one? That’s okay. It’s an inside joke so most probably not a lot of people will get it but when they get it, they get it HARD. By the way, a meme is pronounced like cream, not like Bebe (you know, the shirt that stretches up there).

Internet memes may stay in some of the may evolve over time, mostly through parody versions and comments that are funny. Internet memes can come and go as quickly as they spread. They are spread voluntarity so you know that the one sharing actually was into that kind of thing. Memes can be utilized in viral marketing to create buzz for a product or service. Memes are cost-effective and using one can be considered as a sign of internet savvy. “Will it blend?” has been a recurring meme in the Internet for some time now and has been a great help in marketing the blender company.

Two mighty memes combine!

Love them or hate them, as long as there is a funny story to tell and people willing to share them, memes are here to stay and spread.

Puppy Power! Onwards!



  1. Adorable pictures! And adorable videos! Heehee. Charlie! 😀

    These things are viral, seriously. Like on Facebook, there’s at least one person (in a day) that posts one of these things, and it never gets old. Why? Because memes adapt to the changes. If one meme gets old, there’s always another that would take its place. Not that they do get old. 😛 Nice touch too. Humor + sarcasm + NSM = meme. Maybe I could try doing one as well. 🙂

  2. If you must now, I live for finding stuff like this on the net. The things that people come up simply astounds me. And most of the time, leaves me laughing on the floor.

    The beauty of the internet is that people can now share their creativity(idiocy) with the world; spreading the smiles to everyone.

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