Posted by: Justine | August 8, 2010

Awesomesauce: THAT Old Spice Commercial

Watch this:

This is how you market to this generation.

This commercial, originally shown during this year’s Super Bowl, became the most talked about Super Bowl commercial, has been viewed 17 million on times on Youtube, been featured on countless television shows, talked about on many radio shows, been shared countless times on Facebook and other social networking sites, and coaxed women to buy Old Spice so that their men can smell like the man their man can smell like. It’s so viral that even though the commercial has never been aired in our country, many of you who are reading this blog have probably watched and rewatched it before reading this post. This ad has captured my attention than any other ad before it.

The appeal of this ad can be broken down to these: the screaming bravado and manliness of the “man your man can smell like” the fact that the ad is done with just one continuous shot the fact that he seems to do everything so effortlessly the fact that no computer effects have been used except for the tickets turning into diamonds the man’s otherworldly voice who some claimed that if God has a voice, He would sound like him and the huge amount of awesome that these elements make when they are finally combined.

Another thing that I liked about Old Spice’s ad campaign is that they answer to their fans literally and in the most awesome way possible on Youtube: through video responses.

The Man himself answers to the interesting questions of Youtube users through many video responses wearing his signature white towel. It’s just awesome that they actually take time to talk to fans and it shows that social media is the way to go when trying to reach out to the fanbase of a product or brand. This is an example of marketing a product through conversing with the fans of the brand in such a humorous and amusing manner. If other brands would take the time to converse with their customers the world would surely be a cooler (figuratively) place to live in.

And another thing I liked about the ad campaign: they made another one!

Swan Dive!

I actually loved this ad more than the one before it after seeing it because it looks a lot more difficult to do and because of the level of awesome things that the Man did effortlessly (like walking on water, the Swan Dive!, or landing on a motorcycle after swan diving). We can argue about which one is better but we can always be sure of one thing: both are awesome!

Fun fact: This ad campaign actually made me buy Old Spice. And at least one girl loves it. 😀



  1. Awesome. XD Now that you mention it, I actually do think these SNS campaigns do a lot for the brand image – makes one look cooler to be in the fold with the net-savvy generation.

    More than anything, I think the appeal of this campaign to me is that it comes off as something a bit like a parody. They’re not taking themselves too seriously in campaigns such as this one and moreover they don’t look like they’re trying too hard to make us believe them – unlike most traditional commercials aired on TV. I think since it’s a new medium, the approach is definitely different. Glorious, Old Spice Man who my man could smell like. Haha

  2. haha. i love the vids justine. I believe ads should have more unique concepts, so that they won’t look like any advertisement aired on TV or any other video on Youtube. Organizations should also think of very different ways of presenting facts regarding their brands. Also, they should have a different way of persuading, and I’m thinking ’bout persuasion that does not seem persuasion at all. Unique is rare.

  3. I couldn’t stop watching these videos. Over and over. So cool! 😀

    I’m not too sure, but I think they’re the most prominent beings that did a response series via YouTube/videos. It’s adorable. Instead of simply commenting back, etc. they made it more “intimate” by going all out and having the leading Old Spice man charm the audience even more. Kudos to NSM and new initiative of companies!

    And Old Spice does smell nice. If only I was a guy. 😛

  4. One thing you can take from these videos is that advertising is about your people as much as it is about your product.

    I think that the success of these commercials lies in it’s ability to simultaneously endorse it’s product, while connecting to their target audience via man brand humor.

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