Posted by: Justine | June 16, 2010

You caught me at a good time…

…because I’m now introducing my brand new blog! Isn’t that exciting?! No? Well that doesn’t matter because you’re about to read the most awesome blog known to mankind (if by mankind you mean that there was a nuclear holocaust and I’m the only person left then yes, this is the most awesome blog known to mankind)!

Prepare for awesomeness! (Maybe.)

Oh, I forgot to introduce my self. I’m Justine Raphael T. Vendil, a senior student taking up BA Organizational Communication at the University of the Philippines, Manila. I was born and raised in Bulacan where the air is clean, all the people are asleep by 9pm, and where you can walk the streets without the fear of getting mugged.

I have a wide range of interests, probably born from the fact that I am a wide reader; I always tried to read every piece of literature that we have in our house when I was young but today, not so much (I blame the Internet). I have read our encyclopedia set about ten times over when I was a kid and I find Wikipedia to be quite entertaining if only because of the effort of some people to compile obscure information about the things I’m interested in. My interests mostly focus on videogames, music, and film.

When it comes to music, I definitely classify myself as an Anglophile because I find the British rock music scene to be really interesting because most good British bands strive to differentiate themselves from one another and to continuously reinvent themselves  from album to album. My favorite artists are Keane, Arctic Monkeys, Muse, The Killers, Coldplay, The Last Shadow Puppets, Snow Patrol, The Kooks, Bloc Party, Gorillaz, and Razorlight.

This is the flag that I pledge allegiance to (only in music, of course).

When it comes to movies, I often go for comedy movies because I need a hearty laugh once in a while (something that a paper about Philippine politics doesn’t provide, obviously). I also sometimes go for comic book films because I want to see how my favorite comic book characters translate into another medium (The Dark Knight is the best while his sometimes lover, sometimes enemy Catwoman has the worst adaptation ever).

Holy Terror, Batman! (How can this be unawesome?)

This blog is actually my second blog. I maintain a blog over at, a videogame blog. In there I write posts about one of my favorite hobbies, videogames,  how they influence my life, and different topics that concern them; be it their soundtracks, their art style, or their validation as an art form. I personally find videogames to be more compelling than movies because of the choices presented in them and how interactive everything can be. Videogames are not just made for kids, a lot of creative minds put a lot of effort in creating games that can be labeled as masterpieces, the latest of which provide an avenue for convergence with other people around the globe through the Internet. I’ll get to that in greater detail next time.

This game both inspired me and helped me get through a tough time. This is no Hannah Montana.

“The world ends with you. If you want to enjoy life, expand your world. You gotta push your horizons out as far as they’ll go.”

– Sanae Hanekoma

This is a quote that I live by. I realized that my worldview is so limited, so rigid. I didn’t take any risks, I was content in staying on the safe side. But the recent happenings in my life changed all of that. I opened up my mind, I became more adventurous, more willing to take risks. Now I always try to enjoy the moment, to be more optimistic about life. This was partly inspired by the game The World Ends With You, a story of a boy who zones out everything and everyone, claiming that all he needs is himself. After an incredible journey, he learned how to open up to others and to enjoy every moment. I was playing that game during a part of my life that eerily resembles how the protagonist started that’s why I was really inspired by it. I can say that I also made a journey (albeit not that incredible) towards loving life and all that it can offer just like the protagonist. My outlook in life has totally changed for the better.

Oh, I almost forgot to explain my blog title! The name Working Class Snob came from the fact that I’m nowhere near being rich but I’m also not dirt poor (yet) and yet I’m very choosy in everything that I would spend time or money into (mostly time) and the fact that I hate bandwagons. One of my friends always tells me that I’m a snob especially when it comes to music (I just said that I’m not a fan of eighties music :)). Maybe I am a little when it comes to music and films, but I’m definitely not a snob to people :).

My long introduction is now over :). I’m looking forward to the coming days and to everybody’s thoughts and I also hope that you would look forward to my blog. Help me keep things interesting with your ideas, I know all of you have something meaningful to say. Let’s help expand each other’s horizons. Anyways, off I go!




  1. I thought you’ve been dirt poor for a few months by now. My bad. Hehe effort much?

  2. By the way. Experience shows. Kudos

  3. Okay okay. Insightful, sheesh.

    Being new to blogging, I can’t really give a deep analysis of your blog. Let me just say a couple of things that came in my mind.

    I’ve known you for quite a while so I can attest that you have quite the taste in music. i tried listening to the bands you recommended to me a while and I have to admit, though we may not have the same taste in music, I was able to appreciate most of the songs i heard.

    I never knew you go for comedy but whatever floats your boat. I’m with you in that one.

    Working class snob… Suits you. At least you have a clear sense of identity. Though people who don’t know you as much as we do may get the wrong idea. Justine Vendil is no a snob to other people.

    Anyway, I’ve always considered you to be a better writer than me so i look forward to reading your blogs throughout this semester. Kudos.

    Better? Now, delete my past comments if they get in your nerves that much. Hehehe God bless. 🙂

  4. Working class snob. Interesting name for a blog… does this mean that you’ll be relating your posts to the orcom issues encountered by working class people..? Or maybe writing posts from the working class’ perspectives? Nevertheless, I’m going to be waiting for your Gates post! :3

    Also, Muse = ❤

  5. HA! A BATMAN FAN! *web throw*

    If I am to maintain a blog meant to be for comic relief, I would still believe I am no good compared to you, Mr. Vendil 😛

    By the way, this is my favorite part: “I was born and raised in Bulacan where the air is clean, all the people are asleep by 9pm, and where you can walk the streets without the fear of getting mugged.” Bulacan is the best place to be 🙂

    Good luck with your blog, Justine! 😀

  6. Hi there, Justine! This is just a random comment but I really find your blog the best mankind has ever known! Uhmm, you know it’s an exaggeration. But seriously, I came to know the ‘Justine’ I have never discovered in the universityl! 🙂

  7. First of all, I VALIDATE YOUR AWESOME. I’m going to delete my blog now.

    Theatrics aside, here’s what the OTL has to rant about:

    Books: For something random, I read a book titled 1000 Things You Should Know. It’s the sort of book ambitious parents let their 5-year-old children read in hopes of a 50+ IQ jump. No, I read it when I was 13.
    Music: I’m into the nerdier, geekier, weirder sorts of music. I’m starting to appreciate Coldplay though. XD I don’t like generic sounds and shallow lyrics, so pop’s mostly out.
    Movies: I go for fantasy and historical reels. Comedy…I get my kicks online. XDD
    Video games: Yay-tastic. I remember Sir Chong once saying that the video game industry is the biggest one right now, not the movies. Video games are art! Be with me! XD
    Title: I love it. Which means I should’ve chosen ‘Poverty-Stricken Sweetness’ as my handle. XDD

  8. Ahh, another gamer. Care to test you skills? haha

    I can see that you’ve had blogging experience before. It is evident in the way you write. Oh, well, more practice for me then.

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